Sarah-Lena Hoffmann
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Charity Campaign: Sarah-Lena wants to swim
with the dolphins

We accept donations for 9-year old Sarah-Lena Hoffmann
so that she could go to a dolphon therapy.
Sarah-Lena was born on July 19th 1999, which was a
premature birth, and had a weight of only 950g and a
size of only 37cm.
After a long stay in hospital there seemed to be no
reason to worry. After all she got symptoms of BNS
cramps West Syndrome (a serious form of epilepsy), that
destroyed her brain.
She fought against the illness for a very long time but
she never recovered fully.
Today Sarah-Lena is severly disabled - physically and
At the age of seven she learned to walk a few steps on
her own. Unfortunately she can't talk very much
either. She can say "Mama" and count to
three. You sometimes can get an inkling of what she is
trying to say though.
She can play with her learn computer for hours and
thereby teaches herself. Unfortunately she can't
express herself to the outer world, her communication
is very limited.
Still this is way more than we wished for.
Now we want to send her to the dolphins, because we
hope that she can explain herself better to us and the
people surrounding her.
We also want to strengthen and improve her skills but
unfortunately a therapy is very expensive and health
insurance does not pay for it.
This is the reason why we try to safe money with the
help from friends, family, relatives and hopefully the
donations of helpful people because 15000 Euro for
therapy, flight and accommodation etc. is a lot of
Please have a look at our homepage and - if possible -
put a link to our homepage on your homepage so that we
can reach even more people.
Every Euro counts!
We already want to thank you for your help and
If there should be some money left after the therapy we
will use it for a second one. In case Sarah-Lena does
not react on the therapy we will use the money to help
a child with similar problems, of course in the name of
all donators.

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